Grassroots Policy Process

March 17, 2018
All members of the federal Conservative Party have the opportunity to provide input into the development of Conservative party policies.
A key purpose of the upcoming federal National Convention in Halifax is to review, debate and amend the Conservative Party's Policy Declaration found here:
All members of the Party are invited to comment on and to suggest revisions to this Policy Declaration document. To this end, the Party has developed a web site called Ideas Lab.
Ideas Lab is meant to be a forum to debate policy revisions in advance of the National Convention in Halifax on August 23-25. All members have read only access to this web site. Only EDA presidents have the ability to post new resolutions or to comment on existing proposals online.
All members are encouraged to review the existing Policy Declaration (the starting point!) and to consider how you would want to amend things. There is a national deadline of May 1 for EDA Presidents to upload into Ideas Lab new resolutions or amendments to existing resolutions, but as a control Presidents must also have local Board approval to do so.
Waterloo members are asked to provide their suggestions for changes to the Policy Declaration to by April 8. We will have a Policy Committee meeting on April 9 where we will review and debate all suggestions received. The Policy Committee will then advance their recommendations to the full Waterloo EDA Board for approval at their next meeting on April 17.
EDA's will also be able to vote on Ideas Lab posted resolutions as a show of support up to June 25. We will have a subsequent Board meeting and I will ask the members to consider if there are any resolutions we should support. Such support will help those resolutions to advance further at the National Convention in August.
Concerning our policy meeting held at the Granite Club in October 2017, all resolutions passed at that meeting have been split up and allocated within the four EDA's for approval by the respective Boards and then posting into Ideas Lab.
Membership in the Party allows you to have input into the direction of the Party. You will soon also be able to participate in the nomination of our local Waterloo candidate for the next general election. Many members acquired membership to vote in last year's national leadership race but many of those memberships will soon expire. Please consider renewing your membership which can be done at this link: Five year memberships make the most sense at only $10 per year.